Welcome to 21st-century wellness. Meet studio BE.

I’ve been quietly working in a new role for the last nine months, and today I’m happy to share a little more about it. Since May, I’ve been serving as Vice President (Europe) and Lead Mindfulness Teacher for studio BE — a woman-owned, US-based company that brings meditation and yoga into the 21st-century workplace. 

Our mission is rooted in inclusivity: that ALL employees, whether CEOs or grocery clerks, plumbers or professional athletes, should have access to these life-changing meditation practices. And that oftentimes the folks who could benefit most, like call center workers or certified nurse assistants, don’t get access to the same wellness opportunities that C-Suite executives do. We want to change that. By teaching in person, online and via virtual portal, we are bringing mindfulness to a diverse range of nonprofits and corporations.

The thing that strikes me most about this work is that corporations are made up of HUMANS. It’s easy to criticize workplace meditation programs as just being productivity-driven. But we see this as human-to-human work: a sacred opportunity to relieve some of the suffering that comes with being alive in a body that ages, loves, loses, worries and grieves. And that’s what really moves me.

Until now, I’ve been mostly behind the scenes, writing mindfulness training content, curating our blog, revising funding pitches, crafting our website copy, etc. But this Sunday our creative director will fly to Basel, and I’ll spend the next week in front of the camera, filming lessons from our 8-part Signature Series, micro-practice meditations for waiting at the bus stop or washing dishes, and yoga sequences designed for bartenders to nurses to teachers to brand-new beginners.

I’m happy to be doing this, inspired by my passionate coworkers, overwhelmed by how much I want to share, and grateful I get to do it. Please come along for the ride. You can check out our website at www.meetyourcenter.com or follow us on social at @studiobemindfulness. Looking forward to sharing glimpses of our work in the months to come.


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