Enough-ness and the Hungry Ghost

Really love everything about this conversation between Dan Harris and Boston-based meditation teacher Narayan Liebenson. It’s so real, so wise, and so relatable. If you have an hour in the car or folding the laundry, give it a listen.

Dan and Narayan touch upon so many rich topics, including impermanence, moments of enoughness as flashes of enlightenment, “letting be” as a useful alternative to “letting go,” why the concept of original sin is not so life-giving, and how cultivating a Buddhist sense of fundamental goodness and a magnanimous (porous, open, loving, unattached) heart can transform your experience of being in the world.

I wrote my masters thesis largely about these Buddhist notions of “enoughness” and the Hungry Ghost realm, which is a gnawing state of lack characterized by an insatiable hunger for things and titles and achievements. (Hello, capitalism! Sound familiar?) Love to see folks talking about these concepts in the mainstream media.

Turns out Liebenson co-founded and still teaches at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center in Cambridge, MA. Wish I’d have known when we lived there. Her voice is so calming and wise. Boston friends: go.

(Art by Oana Befort, whose work I adore, and which always feels so lush, abundant, and alive — the polar opposite of the Hungry Ghost realm.)


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