You Are Not Broken And You Do Not Need To Be Fixed

How would your life change if you believed this? If, from day one, you learned that you (and every other human being) are intrinsically whole, holy, good?

As children, many of us were taught that humans are inherently broken. Destined to sin. In need of some version of externalized healing or grace. I don’t believe this anymore. Discovering Buddhist and yogic philosophies 15 years ago opened my eyes to another alternative: an “original blessing”-based worldview in which inherent wholeness defines our very selves. In which suffering inevitably happens, but it’s not your fault, due to your own failure or brokenness.

Try to move through the world today as though you are not broken and you do not need to be fixed. Notice how it feels. And now imagine feeling that way from childhood, with no internalized sense of sinfulness to unlearn?

Lately I’m fascinated with this notion of “unlearning.” What of our childhood religious upbringings have we needed to unlearn? Racism? Sexism? Homophobia? Fear of embodied desire? A sense of the self as fundamentally sinful? And what can we do NOW to craft a spiritual education for our children that won’t require years of unlearning someday? 💗


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