Your Heart Is That Large. Trust It.

Joanna Macy writes: “The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe. Your heart is that large; trust it. Keep breathing.”

Have you had your heart broken by life? If so, congrats: you’re human!! Heartbreak comes with the territory. The question is whether you let the breaking crack you open with compassion or shut you down with fear.

I’ve long loved this reminder from Joanna Macy. Macy is a Buddhist ecofeminist theologian based in Berkeley. She’s wise and well-versed; she studied under Huston Smith (granddaddy of religious studies) and continues to teach regularly at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, just north of San Francisco.

Read her stuff; study with her while you still can. She does a remarkable job of tying central Buddhist concepts like suffering, interdependence, and lovingkindness to what it means to move through life with grace, mindfulness, and a sense of responsibility for the living world.

Ash Wednesday reminds us that the cycles of life are ever-churning. Live well now, knowing you are dust. This broken-open heart won’t always be.

So, for today, let it be enough. 🌸


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