Training For Rejection

Practice getting rejected. Apply for the job you know is a long shot. Jump into Dancer’s Pose even though you know you’re gonna land on your face.

As a writer, rejection is something I experience every day, often multiple times, and every day it sucks a little less. It starts as a gut punch when the quiet secret anticipation you’d been holding out on gets popped like a balloon by the big DECLINED email in your inbox. Your heart drops. Your mind wants to spin off into a tumbleweed of not-good-enough chatter. But you stop, notice it, take a breath, and lasso that rascal before it can go down the rabbit hole.

So you shrug your shoulders and open your laptop and try again. And then one day it sticks, and the word ACCEPTED sings out from amongst the ads and the newsletters, and your heart leaps. And then you begin again. New story. New pose. All yoga.

This morning I counted seven rejections in my inbox. Feels great to celebrate those, to work my resilience muscles til they’re even stronger. We train for compassion just like we train for a marathon. By soaring and stumbling, alternately, yes?

So practice, my friends!! Seven rejections, wahoo!! Fall out of the pose, and get back in. The perfect fit is always just around the corner.


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