And That Is Holy, Too

Half a second after she snapped this photo, I fell out, heaving and relieved.

This morning I read about the notion of “success theater” — the idea that we “perform” our lives on social media, emphasizing the pretty moments and hiding the messy/difficult ones. (I mean, duh, right?)

Yoga philosophy embraces the concept of life as a dance. This ever-churning tango of creation, preservation, and destruction shows up in our bodies, our work, our relationships, our art.

(This very pose is named after it: Natarajasana, or Shiva’s Lord of the Dance.)

The central idea is that every step in the process is sacred. The birthing, the being in it, and the dissolving.

So often we only share the moments of being that feel splashy and glory-rich. So if you’re clawing through a moment of creation right now, building something new, in the laborious struggle of birthing, remember that is holy, too.

And if you’re suffering through a moment of destruction, things falling apart, watching the pieces of your life fall down in fiery chunks all around you, let that be holy, too. They’re all essential parts of the dance, none more sacred than any other. And you couldn’t have the birth without the death. Amirite?

May we all be brave enough to share not just the glory but the creation and the dissolution, too.

Photo by Liz Bottrell Photography


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