The Two Words That Just Might Save Your Hips

(Full disclosure: we had this pink-striped Jane Fonda workout video back in 1995 and I did it approximately 10,000 times as a 16-year-old.)

So on the whole hip-replacement conversation: I’ve been appreciating several recent interviews with Jill Miller in which she details the windup to and the aftermath of her recent hip replacement surgery. In particular, Jill’s talk with J Brown a few days after her surgery planted two key words in my mind: “dose” and “dope.”

As in: what’s the “dose” of deep stretching and wild “dessert poses” we’re giving ourselves? Is it too much? (Ahem, over here, over the last 20 years, undoubtably yes.) And doesn’t it make sense that a more moderate dose, combined with other kinds of functional movement, could prevent a lot of these overuse injuries?

Secondly, the notion of “doping”: using asana practice as an escape from painful or intense feelings, turning to practice to procrastinate or “bliss out” such that we don’t really have to be present with our beautiful/challenging lives. YUP. (Dude, literally years of procrastinating writing my Masters thesis were spent doing yoga and playing piano, because those things felt like healthy and productive alternative ways to spend my time when I was struggling to write academic-speak about Karl Marx.)

Think about it. How do those two words show up in your life and your practice? It’s illuminating, for sure.

Thanks to Jill Miller and J Brown and so many others for the fantastic ongoing conversations.

(Oh, and thanks to Jane for being a fierce booty-shakin’ badass since long before I first pulled on leg warmers and jumped around the living room to her commands.)

PS Not doing that center split roll-forward onto my belly anymore. Hips feeling 💯 .


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