The One Book You've Gotta Read Today

I want to introduce you to a really amazing woman. This writer-activist, Carol J. Adams, is such a trailblazer. I first discovered her groundbreaking book, “The Sexual Politics Of Meat,” as an undergrad, and it rocked my world, and changed my life.

The way we eat is political, yo. Just as political as the Prius you drive or the local CSA you support or the working-class immigrant politician you vote for.

If you’re interested in ecofeminism, or spirituality, or activism, or theology, or the fact that women’s bodies are so historically and regularly objectified that we’ve got a massive #MeToo movement unfolding calling out sexual harassment right now: read this. Start here, and then read Carol’s whole body of work. This is yoga, too, you know.

Today we celebrate World Vegan Day. I’ve been vegetarian/vegan since 1996, and this book is a HUGE reason why.

Can’t say it enough: thanks for all the incredible work you do, often in the face of ill-informed criticism, Carol! You are my radical teacher, every day. 🙏🏼

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"The heart-opening work of loving and responding with care to this fragile world and its inhabitants has shaped me as a writer and activist."
~ Carol J. Adams 


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