We live so many different lives, in the course of one. Be here for yours.

On the rare days I actually make it to the gym, it’s around 10:30am. None of the hardcore 6am folks are there; it’s just me and a bevy of elderly ladies. The locker room feels like a sorority reunion from 1960. I run for awhile and then hide in the corner of the empty spin room to do my practice.

Right about the time I finish my sun salutations, the elderly ballet ladies come in to stretch and gossip before class starts. They gab about their kids coming home for Rosh Hashanah and their injuries and who’s renovating their house and who’s in the hospital and who’s depressed and whose husband just died. I try not to listen, but I inevitably catch snippets here and there in between vinyasas.

One day I was kicking into a handstand against the wall and one of those ladies suddenly hollered out, “Strong core! Eyes up!” Turns out she was a gymnastics coach for years. Now her fibromyalgia makes all that impossible. We bonded over my shitty handstands and her nostalgia for the days when she could still do back handsprings. She’s still got it in her bones.

Something about spending my mornings quietly anonymous, sharing space and locker room towels with these grand dames is so grounding. It’s a humbling and comforting reminder that this life I call my own right now is only a season; that I won’t always be chasing a little naked butt around the house trying to get him to wear pants; that one day sooner than I realize I’ll be able to attend gallery openings and symphony performances on the regular again; and that this body of mine that I often joke about being old and creaky and grey is in fact still so young and strong and able.

Such a welcome reminder to get my butt on the mat and keep breathing. And to stay close to my sistas in the process, because we lift one another up. 💗

We live so many different lives, in the course of one. Be here for yours.

Rachel Meyer is a Boston-based writer and yoga teacher. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, On Being, Yoga Journal, Tricycle, Yoga International, HuffPost, and more. You can find her at www.rachelmeyeryoga.com or @rachelmeyeryoga.


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