Wake Up.

I keep writing posts and then deleting them.

"No, that's too political," I tell myself. "Delete it. Too angry. People will bristle, feel alienated."

Backspace backspace backspace. My finger hovers over the "Publish" key and then backs off. Closes the tab. Sighs. Returns to scrolling Twitter and shaking my head in astonishment at the news coming out of hard-working political journalists' feeds right now.

But what I really want to to say is, friends: WE'VE GOTTA WAKE UP. There is SHIT going down. The world's on fire, and we're advertising the latest retreat to Tulum, and writing about how to get a bikini body. There's a constitutional crisis at hand. Our democracy's in freefall. And it's as much yoga as anything else. Because yoga = politics = life.

Last night it was 1am before I could pull myself away from the news and close my eyes. Every night, lately. What's happening right now ISN'T NORMAL. It's not partisan. And we can't turn our eyes from it, and pretend everything's just going to continue to be ok. History is not going to be kind to the people who shut the hell up and looked away.

Enlightenment is often compared to waking up. We do yoga to "wake up" to our habitual shit. Open our eyes to our patterns, and our socio-cultural and political patterns, and begin to shift them.

Yogis: we gotta wake up. There is no such thing as being apolitical these days. We gotta call this out. Remember when you spent that afternoon or two in your teacher training studying the Eight Limbs of Yoga? The ethical system underlying the practice itself? Ahimsa: non-harming. Satya: truth. What are we doing to speak it, to defend it, to embody it?

Now is the time for the yoga to begin. Atha.

What are we gonna do, together, to wake up?


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