Oh Shit, We Have Two Days Til The Movers Come

Two days.

This pic looks still.

I do not feel still.

Snapped it in an anxious moment of thinking, "Ohmigod, I only have two days left in this house. And look at everything we need to do. And oh hi, this is real. I need a drink. Let's remember this bathroom. Don't forget all the good times in this bathroom."

Sinking in.

We have a babysitter for two hours this morning and I'm supposed to be packing upstairs for our four-month sublet. Figuring out which clothes and books and pots and pans we'll need from now til July.


Snuggling up with my laptop instead after a wonderful week of constant movement and very little alone time. Feels like medicine to just be quiet and hiding in the closet. (Writer's medicine, that is.) Need to knock out an offer letter as soon as I throw this quick post up.

We flew to Boston a week ago. Stayed at a lovely hotel right by Berklee School of Music and spent several days feeling out neighborhoods, opening bank accounts, touring a preschool, and the like.

It was so great.

The sun came out. Several days in a row.

I didn't realize how much I missed the sun until it decided to come out and stay out. Go figure.  

(Love you, Portland, but the rain's got me all "enough, already.")

You know what else I found, and had missed?

Diversity. So much diversity.

Languages and races and countries of origin and you name it.

So excited about Boston's urban, academic, international vibe.

Universities everywhere you turn.

Public transport up the wazoo.

Ethnic food every day.


Discovered Somerville and Cambridge and Brookline and you name it. Went to four different libraries in four days. The Meyer Family Library Tour.

But, shit. Ever tried to buy a house in Boston?

It was humbling. An SF-level real-estate wake-up call.

Never expected to see so many tiny shitty peeling-paint homes going for upwards of $800k. Like, 900 sq ft shitty peeling-paint holes-in-the-wall no-yard no-parking going for $50k-over-asking tiny flats.

It's crazy. Literally unbelievable, sometimes.

We were all over the board, driving from downtown to Lexington to the 'burbs and back. Even the burbs are outrageous. Tiny overpriced homes with lead paint and no closets. Kind of bleak.

We were like: should we just move to the beach and drive in for work? Buy a glistening home right there in Marblehead and walk the ocean every morning and suck it up with the daily commute so we don't have to live in a glorified closet from 1835?

Thought about it.

But when all was said and done, we ended up realizing we want to land right where we started: Cambridge and thereabouts.

Yesterday, right before we headed to the airport, we toured a sweet flat just north of Harvard Divinity School (7 minutes!) and First Unitarian of Cambridge (6 minutes!) and Cambridge Public Library (7 minutes!) with a fab park up one block and a delicious vegetarian Indian restaurant down the street and reclaimed-wood hipster breakfast spot around the corner and so much more within walking distance.

Super stoked. Reminds me so much of where I lived on Nob Hill in SF. Tall, hundred-year-old buildings with classic style.

So we'll put in an offer today and release all attachment because, damn, there are a lot of well-heeled people bidding on houses out there. We have a temporary place in Somerville (to give us space to land and close on something permanent), and I'm so glad that's where we sort of accidentally ended up. Robb shared an article with me that called Somerville "the Brooklyn of Boston," and that was so much the feel we got.

I dig it. So we'll give it a shot.

Who knows.

Back to the present moment.

We're here in Portland for just a few more days.

Today we throw some shit in boxes and try to eat what's left in the fridge. Tomorrow we return the 57 library books stashed throughout the house. Wednesday the packers come. Thursday the movers load the truck. Friday we paint and clean. Saturday we fly to Boston, and stay.

Two more sleeps in this sweet house of ours, pulsing with so many memories of the last couple of years.

Feeling all the feels. Joy. Grief. Mostly, just trying to be right here in this just-right moment.

Last week was like a big vacation-adventure in a beautiful old-school Boston hotel.

This week: it gets real.

Here we go.

Oh hey, impermanence. Nice to see you again. Let me just carry you around in my pocket for the next few days. We're gonna get to know each other reallll well. 

Love to you from these final few days in Pacific Standard Time.

(Now, where was that box again?)


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