This Nasty Woman Voted

Wearing my white today. Voted two weeks ago. 'Bout to bake me an election cake.

I don't think I've worn white since my wedding day. Busted out this old jacket that I bought back in college. I remember seeing Hillary speak in Philly in 1998. She wore a pantsuit. Back then I vowed that I'd never get married til my gay brother and friends could get married, too. Well, guess what? Here we are. Marriage equality, one beautiful son, and one thoughtful husband who's also #withher. We've got progressives and Democrats to thank for that. So vote BLUE up and down ballot. Cuz nasty women get shit done.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a cake to bake.

#election2016 #imwithher #nastywomenvote 🎂


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