Feel Your Shit. Stay In The Fire.

Hey, yogis? This is not the time for spiritual bypassing. Feel your shit. Be in it all the way. Anger can be holy, too. Anger can be fierce and righteous and sacred and life-giving, of its own accord. And it might just be what gets us through the next four years.

I dunno about you, but I've been living in Revolved Triangle for about the last 18 months. And as much as I was hoping to wake up feeling light and celebratory today, flowing through that much-needed vinyasa to rinse out all the knots and the pain, to move the prana and reset, it looks like we're gonna be staying here for several more years. So buckle in and take a deep breath. Our job is to stay calm, raise hell, make art, and maintain some kind of equanimity. I was ready to let go of this teacher. But he's apparently sticking around until we learn a much-bigger lesson about compassion and unity and all that gooey yoga shit.

If you feel heavy/somber/furious today, dammit, let yourself FEEL it, all the way. Yoga and meditation are not about denying ugly emotions. They're about noticing them, staying with them, realizing they're not us, and that eventually they'll pass. Grief takes time. So be gentle with yours.

Stay in the fire. Refuse to succumb. MAKE ART. Get your IUD today so Mike Pence can't make your reproductive decisions for the next four years. And, by god, set up a monthly auto-donation to progressive non-profits who will fight for equality.

Atha Yoga Anusasanam. FUCK. Now it really is the time for the yoga to begin.

May all beings be peaceful and free from suffering. Yup. Even him. And them. And us.


Unknown said…
Just wanted to say I've missed going to your class here in Oakland.
But I'm glad you're blogging!

Rach said…
Thanks so much, Meredith! I miss the Bay Area and my peeps there like crazy. I appreciate that you're reading. And am hoping to get back to Oakland soon!

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