I'm not going to vote for a moderate war hawk just because she has a vagina. That's not how feminism works.

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Ok, can I say something? 

It's not PC and it's not safe and it's not pretty. But I am so tired of keeping my mouth shut and trying not to piss anyone off. Trying to be some neutral soft-spoken yoga teacher without opinions. I can't do it.

Just last night, the mainstream media (led by the AP) suddenly, magically, decided that Hillary Clinton had "clinched the Democratic nomination." What a coincidence! The night before the YUGE California primary (+ 5 others), and on the basis of "surveyed" superdelegate counts: votes which won't even be cast until July 25th. Now every major news site is leading off with triumphant stories about how Hillary's the one and she's breaking the glass ceiling and hooray, ladies, we did it! And all the Twitter feminists-of-a-certain-age are celebrating this supposed lady-victory and wishing their mothers could be here for this moment.

Here's the thing: I'm a feminist. I did undergraduate and graduate degrees in feminist theory. I read and write and live and breathe feminism. I raise my son feminist.

Bernie's principles are more feminist. Period. 

You don't vote for a woman just because she's a woman. You vote for her because her principles inspire you. You vote for her because her ethics and integrity and track record leave you certain, deep down, that she'll do the right thing.

I'm not going to vote for a moderate war hawk who was against gay marriage until 2013 just because she has a vagina. That's not how feminism works.

Feminism means fighting climate change and ending the death penalty and paying for college and providing universal health care and supporting gay marriage and fighting against segregation and inspiring grassroots progressives and independents of every age and race and class in service of the 99%.

You know what's NOT feminist? The Iraq War. Fracking. The death penalty. Getting funded by Time Warner and JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. Giving $225k speeches to Wall Street and refusing to release the transcripts. Calling young black men "super-predators". Opposing gay marriage until it's politically expedient.

I will vote for Hillary in November if I have to. Maybe. I will begrudgingly support the lesser of two evils, a candidate bought and paid for by big money.

But now?! Now, when I have a choice?! Now, I'm voting for an old man from Vermont. Not because he's a man. Because he's a feminist. And because his progressive vision calls for the kind of political revolution we so desperately need.

So, my California peeps, and everyone else: even though the media tells you it's already over: VOTE. Today. Get out there. Do it. This primary race is not an anointment. It's not a coronation. And if the voice of the people will be heard, it's up to each of us to make it happen.



gerry3123 said…
The fact that she is a relative hawk s perhaps her only redeeming quality.

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