Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Urban Flow Babes

Sweet morning reconnecting with my old colleagues Jennifer and Andrea (and our babes).

So grateful to Urban Flow for bringing these women into my life some five years ago. Even though the studio is no longer, the community it created continues to bless and brighten my life.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bhakti In Bloom 2015

Just home from a great weekend with Yogascapes at Sierra Hot Springs. Our annual retreat is always a highlight of my year. Love having the time to dive more deeply into metta meditations and long savasanas. My voice is tired, my mind feels content, and my heart is full.

Really a wonderful group of folks. You can tell just by looking, eh? I wish we would've had a week longer to get to know one another over vegan blackberry waffles and slabs of chocolate cake.

Here are a few quick pics. Big love.

Monday, April 6, 2015

7 Things I Didn't Know About Life Until I Had A Baby

I'm happy to have a new article up on MindBodyGreen. Check it out:

Ten weeks after my son was born, I returned to teaching yoga. Between diaper changes and feedings, I hadn't had much (OK, any) time to do asana. I'd barely done a full 90-minute practice. But I'd had a helluva lot of time to do yoga: the kind of practice that looked like chanting lullabies at 3 am whilst bouncing on a blue exercise ball for hours on end, crying babe in arms, trying to stay calm.
It was the hardest yoga I'd ever done. Way harder than Kapotasana. And it was also the most rewarding.
Having a baby has been tremendously educational, for my body, mind and spirit. With that, here are seven things having a baby has taught me about yoga....

7 Things I Didn't Know About Life Until I Had A Baby (MBG)