Whoosh. This nails it.

"Loving whatever God has handed you."

This is the teaching of the Buddha, cloaked in the language of my Presbyterian childhood. I've discovered the Christian term kenosis, meaning "to let go" or "to empty one's self." Kenosis is the emptying of one's own will ... It is active. It moves from the inside out — milk poured from the pitcher, honey from the pot.

I'm reminded of Buddhism's shunyata, or emptiness, that place of no-place from which all things arise and to which they return. Kenosis and shunyata. Both are empty of self, both embody that bathwater maxim: loving is about turning over, about letting go and giving away. And both connect me to the ceaseless flow between form and void, between everything and nothing. In this flow all things are possible.

— Martha Kay Nelson, "Everyday Deliverance" 

Reference also: The Heart Sutra. ("Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.")

Reference also: the prairie.



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