She reappears.

Good morning, y'all.  Happy Friday, happy September, happy back-to-school, happy football season (yessss!), happy Rosh Hashanah, you know, all of it.

Here we are.

Forgive the absence. Silence on the blog front for a good month or so.

I'm two weeks out from a wedding (mine), and on top of all of the to-do list rigamarole associated with that celebratory endeavor, have been simultaneously absorbed in a couple of other Big! New! Top-Secret! projects. Said sayonara to a couple of dear friends who've moved to Seattle in the last week, taught a yoga class for hotel workers in SF (which was rad, indeed), hiked up and down a beautiful forested hill a million times and back, and sat in a lot of traffic while the Bay Bridge was closed. Hence, no computer time, no blog love. Sorry, kids. I've missed you and stared at Raw Rach longingly in all of those moments when instead I had to turn to the wedding RSVP spreadsheet or wrangle family members' travel schedules or buy fancy-lady dress-up undergarments or hustle up some candles or find a high chair for my niece or sit down to knock out who's sitting where at what table that won't turn out awkward or unfamiliar.

You know.

Anyway, I'm here now (hooray), and it's a beautiful dawn breaking here in West Marin, and I have just a couple of minutes before I head out to teach Gentle Yoga over at YogaToes in Point Reyes. So thought I'd toss out a few little bits and barbs before rolling out the door.

Opera In The Park is this Sunday, September 8th at Sharon Meadow. This is one of my favorite annual rituals. Never disappoints, always thrills. Go! Really. You must.

Jon Stewart is back at The Daily Show as of earlier this week. Am I the only one who's underwhelmed by his return? And missing John Oliver's sweet, Brit-nerdy lack of pretense?

We watched Django Unchained the other night. Have you seen it? Violent, yes. But I kind of loved it. Tarantino knows what he's doing.

My colleague Andrea is teaching a stellar workshop for women at the end of the month at Urban Flow. She flirted with calling it "Menopausana" before settling on "Flash Dance!". You get the drift. It's going to be fantastic. Saturday, September 28th. You should most definitely go.

I've got a new article out in the latest issue of Common Ground. Their September issue is always yoga-focused, and this year's doesn't disappoint. Cover at left, story below.

And just in case you're the type who plans ahead — I've got just a few more classes left in September before I head out for a couple of weeks getting hitched and whatnot. I'll be teaching my regular schedule through Tuesday, September 17th and then whisking away to an undisclosed location for a little bit, where I plan to do nothing involving planning, spreadsheets, or lists. Back in the studio Tuesday, October 8th. Fabulous subs lined up for you in the meanwhile.

Finally, in amazing it's-almost-fall news, honeycrisp apples are back on grocery shelves. God bless America. There is indeed beauty and meaning in the world.


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