A Few Wedding Pics, and a Very Mellow Aloha from Hawaii

All married up.

One week since the big shebang. Sitting here in Kauai listening to the ocean roar just beyond the lanai, belly full of pineapple and coconut water, finally opening my laptop for the first time since before the wedding.

I set my email Out Of Office auto-reply way back on the 18th. It was arguably one of the most thrilling moments of the last few weeks, right up there with walking down the aisle or stepping off the plane to Lihue.

Nice to unplug.

The wedding weekend was perfect, really, in every way. Could not have asked for more. Wonderful families all in one place, weather that held, delicious food, great company. As I imagine many brides and grooms have experienced, the wedding evening itself was one big wild blur. What we would've given to have been able to streeeeeeetch it out a few hours longer so that we could've had much more one-on-one time with every single beautiful soul there.

Family was in town through Monday evening. We had time to take the Wisconsin babies to the beach for their first dose of the Pacific, relished a final dinner together, and hurriedly packed for Hawaii. Woke at 3am Tuesday to head to OAK, made it painlessly (and yes, sleeplessly) to Lihue, and found ourselves in lush island paradise.

Robb's been here 5 or 6 times and knows some fab old friends on the island. It's my first time here, though, so I'm seeing it all with new eyes. We have a quiet house all to ourselves. Yoga mats laid out perpetually on the lanai. Private, no prying neighbors, Vitamix on the counter ready to rock.

It's hot, here; tropical, yes. Hard to motivate to do much of anything during the languid afternoon hours beyond sprawling around and listening to the breeze. I'm learning to appreciate the wonder of iced peppermint tea. Well, of anything iced.

We are enjoying disappearing.

Days start with a walk or a swim in the Ke'e Beach lagoon under the shadow of the Na'Pali Coast. Then, yoga on the lanai. Then, eating and drinking ourselves silly. We're fat, well-rested, and happy. Watching football, eating farmers market pineapple and mango like it's going out of style, and sleeping enough to make up for all the short nights in the last few months.

A few pics are below. All credit goes to the most-amazing Paige Green Photography for capturing the evening in the most magical, realistic, breathtaking of ways. We adore you, Paige! Thank you for giving us the great gift of so many sweet memories. We can't stop looking through the photos and reliving each moment.

Love from Kauai.


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