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Happy long holiday weekend!

I've never been much for patriotism, but sure can get behind celebrating In(ter)dependence Day. May your weekend be peaceful and light, free from suffering and full of grace. And barbecues. And spiked lemonade.

Here's my holiday teaching schedule for the next few days:
  • Thursday, July 4th: 12pm at Urban Flow
  • Friday, July 5th: 9am at Urban Flow (subbing for Rusty)
  • Saturday, July 6th: 10am at Yoga Toes Studio in Point Reyes (subbing for MC Yogi)
  • Sunday, July 7th: 10:45am at Flying Yoga (in the brand-spankin' new Annex)

Hope to see you on the mat in between picnics and fireworks.

Much love.


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