Seriously. That's all.

I don't wanna sell you anything. I don't want you to buy an expensive towel mat with my face on it. I don't want you to splash out on my specially-branded faux-holy water with fancy electrolytes for all the shit you sweat out. I don't want you to buy anything, because you've already got everything you need.

Your body is strong. Your spirit is stronger, even if you forget sometimes.

That old ratty beach towel will do just fine to keep you from slipping. The water from the tap will keep you hydrated just as well as any $4.00 plastic bottle with a French name slapped on it. My voice is no different from any other that has repeated those mellifluous Sanskrit words over the last thousand years. The breath and the asana transcend all of that other crap, and hold within them the power to transform your being, to ease your suffering, to clear your mind.

It's all right there, within you. You're your own best teacher. Did you forget?

And as for me?

I'm just here to remind you of all the deep truths you already know. To maybe, just maybe, help you to feel better in your body — even for a second. That you might walk out of the room a little lighter than you walked in. That you might take yourself a little less seriously. That you might find yourself a little more quick to laugh. And that all of that might lessen some of the hurt, be it emotional or mental or physical, even for a breath.

That's all.


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