Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.

I'm teaching a few special classes in the next couple of days.

Please join me
  • Tonight, June 20th at OMpower (5:15pm) and Flying Yoga (7:45pm)
  • Friday morning, June 21st at 9am (subbing for Rusty Wells at Urban Flow)
  • Saturday morning, June 22nd at 10am (subbing for MC Yogi at YogaToes)
  • Sunday morning, June 23rd at 10:45am (teaching in our brand new Annex space at Flying Yoga, pictured at right)
  • Monday evening, June 24th at 6:15pm (subbing Level 2/3 for Rusty at Urban Flow)

Got it?  Cool.  See you there. (Oh, and happy Solstice! Enjoy these long, lingering daylights.)


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