Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data

Things You Should Be Reading:

This terrific new interview with Benjamin Lorr, author of the Bikram memoir Hell-Bent, over at RecoveringYogi. Joslyn asks such good questions.

Jason Collins' graceful coming-out essay in Sports Illustrated. So well-done.

Michael Pollan on his new book, Cooked.

This NYT review of Stefanie Syman's book on the history of yoga in America, The Subtle Body. Our May book club meeting is coming up soon, and we'll be discussing this book. I love me some nerdy Transcendentalist history. Emerson and Thoreau give me goosebumps. Always have, always will.

40 Inspiring Workplaces of the Famously Creative. 'Nuff said.

That's a start. Sunny-day love to you. Get outside already. And take yer book, too.


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