Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air: a raw, foggy day at the beach.

I sat down this morning and wrote a nice long new blog post for y'all. Was about to hit "publish." And then it disappeared.

Ok, then.

First-world problems.  What can you do?

SO let's try again.  It's a cold, wet, gloomy day here in Northern California, and I'm feeling a decided lack of motivation.  Maybe it's the fact that it's the first time I haven't hustled out of the house en route to someone or something in a week.  Maybe it's the weather.  Maybe it's a touch of gluten-poisoning from last night's (unfortunately-so-deriscious) Thai spring rolls.  Whatever you wanna call it, I'm quiet.  Made some coffee, built a fire, painted my toenails (Plum Seduction, if you must ask, which is a clear indicator that spring is here, I must say).  Cannot summon the will to do much more.

All signs point to slowing down.  To just being.

On another note: did you hear the news?!? Flying Yoga is getting a new studio space!! You're gonna have a lot more space to spread out in packed classes. Huge congrats to Laura, Aaron, and the whole big bad Flying crew for making this happen. Details here — and make sure to watch the cute video about it below:

On recommendation from One Who Knows, I've recently discovered yoga teacher and "Zen peacekeeper" Marianne Elliott's work.  She's fab.  Check out her excellent blog response to the recent hubbub over Sheryl Sandberg's book on how we women should be "leaning in."  I love her emphasis on practicing "enoughness."

Speaking of smart, spiritually-minded writers: I've been listening to a number of them of late.  Check out podcasts from Elizabeth Gilbert, Anne Lamott, and Natalie Goldberg if you've got a few minutes in the car or on the bus during your commute.  It's like filling your psycho-spiritual gas tank with uber-high-premium fuel.  Never cease to be inspired.

And while we're on the grrrl power note, check out the Top 4 Reasons Jesus Is My Favorite Feminist

Finally, it's spring.  First day of spring, to be exact.  In honor of this most fickle, fresh time of year, I revisited a favorite from the blog archives.

Now, it's time to finish reading this trashy article about the Kardashians so I can get to the mat.  Everything in my achy body today does not want to practice.  This is strange, and unfamiliar.  All the more reason to drag myself there.

Ciao, lovers.  Be well with your bad selves.


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