Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.


Urban Flow
     1543 Mission St. (at S. Van Ness)
     Tues 12-1pm
     Thurs 12-1pm

Flying Yoga
     4202 & 4308 Telegraph Ave, Temescal, Oakland
     Sun 1045a-1215pm (in the Annex)
     Tues 745-9pm
     Thurs 745-9pm

OMpower Cycling & Yoga
     66 Townsend Street (at 1st), South Beach
     Tues 515-615pm
     Thurs 515-615pm


mmmojo said…
Dear Rachel, Of course I don't know your friend, but as I read this I found myself shedding tears for you, for him, his family, for all of us.
It's the Saturday after Good Friday, the Saturday when all those around Jesus woke up that morning and had to remember that he wasn't there any more. They didn't know then what joy would await them the next morning. It seems right to shed tears today, it's part of the cycle. But there will be joy again.

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