Raw, adjective: 2. not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture

 Oh dear.

This sad harbinger of what's to come appeared in yesterday's NYT: "The New Mantra: Replacing 'Om' with Glam."

It's the kind of article that's indicative of all that's troublesome about the yoga scene these days.  (And I very deliberately say "scene.")  And it endorses the sort of sentiment that makes me want to hang up my yoga mat and become a nun.  Or a tree-sitter activist.  Or a dishwasher.  Or anything but a slave to the oncoming yoga-industrial-complex.

Depressing.  I mean, unless you need some $995 meditation sweatpants, in which case: good to go.
Thankfully, lots of cool folks are already speaking intelligently about this piece of sh*t journalism.  Check out The Interdependence Project for a sharp new blog on what we know as "spiritual materialism" — i.e. that idea that you'll get enlightened if you can just buy the right mala beads and wear the perfect turban.


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