Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.

The social media elves have been hard at work.

You can now stay up-to-date on all the latest book-slut action via the Roots Book Club Facebook page, or if you're more of the tweeting persuasion, on our brand-spankin' new Twitter page.

After you "like" or "follow" one or the other (or both!), promptly log out of your accounts, close your laptop, grab a blanket, and curl up with an actual book or two.  We're now less than 3 weeks away from our first meeting Feb. 19th.  Already thrilled by the number of interested folks coming out of the woodwork.  Book nerds, you are not alone!

Pretty much in love with this new baby.  Can't believe how connected I feel to many of you long-distance yogi friends who I know are already reading the book 3000 miles away.  Hooray for technology.


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