Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air: a raw, foggy day at the beach.

Current census of fresh flowers in the hizzle holding strong at
1 mason jar blooming with white stargazer lilies
1 vase tumbling with open red roses
1 branch of jasmine chilling in a water bowl
1 white orchid holding court in the hallway
1 small Christmas tree twinkling at the doorn
None of which were procured by Yours Truly.

(Also known as Reason #467 you know you scored the Right One.)

Other bits of demographic interest this rainy December morning:
1 fire in the woodburning stove
1 half-eaten container of pineapple chunks, ever-shrinking
1 pair of grey sweatpants
4 oz not-yet-but-about-to-be-consumed Mocha Mint coffee in the coffee pot
172 books that can't wait to be read
485 emails you know you should be replying to but which really wouldn't mind waiting just a few more hours while you read that one article and ponder that one existential truth, right?
It is yin season for sure.

(Also known as that time of the year when it's entirely normal to just curl up on the couch, read, and eat potatoes:
....Taoist philosophy conceptualizes universal balance in terms of yin and yang, complementary forces that govern the universe. Yin characteristics are cool, wet, slow, feminine, and quiet, whereas yang is the opposite: warm, dry, fast, masculine, extroverted. Winter, the yin season, is a time for storing and conserving energy in the way a bear retains fat by hibernating, or a farmer stores food for the cold months ahead.

In agrarian cultures, people spend the shortest, darkest days indoors by the fire, eating warm, slow-cooked, nourishing food and sharing stories with their families....)
See?  The universe dictates such behavior, dude.  Simply seasonal, baby.  So bring on the root veggies.  We gots some bodies to keep warm.

Winter Wonder Yin (YJ)


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