Friday, December 28, 2012

Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

We bought a Vitamix the other day.  Our one Christmas gift, you know?  I'm generally averse to shopping and commodities and fancy bourgeois appliances and all that.  So I wasn't really aware of what exactly we were getting into.

But, holy mama.  Game-changer.

This thing should have birds and angels and stars humming around it at all times.  It's that good.

So far, we've made:

3 batches of homemade hummus (evidence at right), daily banana-blueberry-raspberry smoothies, kale-beet-carrot-celery green smoothies, and, most impressively, this morning the mister made homemade almond milk, nut bag and all.  Did you know this thing makes soup — hot soup, no less??!  AND it kneads your bread dough, too?  AND whips up a quickie sorbet for dessert?

Off the hook.  This is ideal medicine for the hating-to-cook tendencies I've coddled for too long.

We've got 8 avocados that will soon be guacamole on deck for later today and enough greens in the fridge to feed your cow.  I can't believe how much easier this beast makes it to eat well, and to eat raw, too.

(I will admit that between this and the crockpot, though, I fear that my bohemian credentials are perilously threatened.  Sigh.  Damn you, modernity.  Damn you, delicious green drinks.  Damn you, 240mph blending machine.)

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