Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.

This "most popular baby names" list is always so fascinating to me. 

Tell me you haven't met a kid lately named Sophia or Ava or Emma or Olivia or Zoe or Jack or Aiden or Henry?  How does that happen?  Especially when, ten years ago, there were so few Avas or Aidens to be found?  The sociology of why and how we name children, and how those trends shift over time, just intrigues the hell outta me.

My name had a good run in the late 1970s, but since then, there haven't been a ton of Rachels.  Fine with me.  The moniker has a strangely ahistoric feel to it; I mean, it's not exactly your 1980s "Tiffany" or "Tracy," what with the whole Old-Testament-origin thing going on.  But I dig classic.  And all of my sibs have managed to escape the whole unfortunate "mass popularity" or "clear cultural moment" branding-association thing. 

Good job, Mom and Dad.


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