Raw, noun: 13. unrefined sugar, oil, etc.

Officially the weirdest packing job I have ever flung together, pictured below.

Prepare yourselves for the Ultimate Bundt Cake Saturday.

I'm flying out (again, I know) early tomorrow morning for my dear old friends' Sarah and Elysa's wedding in Joshua Tree. I've never been. I'm pretty stoked. Spent a few days in Palm Springs years ago choking back criticism when I studied with Bikram back in the day (I know, don't even say it), but we had little-to-no time between sweatbox sessions to explore the desert.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm baking a few wedding cakes for them? In a tiny desert motel kitchen on the cusp of Joshua Tree National Park? Yep.

Witness what's going along in my luggage:
3 bundt cake caddies
3 bundt cake pans
3 strands raffia
1 electric mixer
4 beaters (just in case)
1 jar cardamom
1 jar cinnamon
1 jar ginger
1 Art Deco-looking cake tower
1 shitty travel yoga mat (it's the only one that will fit!)
1 old white skirt to be paired with various yoga tops and the same pair of shoes all weekend (cake materials took priority over clothing, duh)
1 small Pyrex cup measurer 
(God bless Southwest Airlines' 2-free-checked-bags policy. I doubted the do-ability of this all for a minute, but goddammit — it looks like it might just work.)

The cake tower will be my carry-on. (Hot, I know.) And I'll hit a big-box grocery store on my drive through Desert Hot Springs to take care of the perishable ingredients.

The wedding's on Saturday night, in the desert, under the stars. I'll be traveling and baking and mingling and soaking and hiking and flower-buying and the like until then. You may get an update here and there, if I can manage a little WiFi somewhere out in that vast expanse.

Sarah has been a dear friend since college years in Delaware, gulp, way back around 1998. Somewhere in there, we got old. Her partner Elysa is most remarkable. They live in LA now, where they both do Big Beautiful Things, and I'm in SF, of course, too, so we've all migrated west over the years. I am so excited to get to celebrate them as their grown-up selves in the middle of the hot California desert.

Life is so funny. And strange. And kind. And such an adventure.

(Cross your fingers that my luggage arrives where it needs to. Otherwise we'll be rocking a most-delicious starlit grocery-store special Saturday night.)


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