Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

Still buzzing from yesterday's Basics of Bhakti workshop at flyingYoga.

Deep bows to all of y'all for showing up, for shining, for singing, for smiling, for inspiring. So grateful.


Unknown said…
Hi Rachel, all apologies for missing the last half of your colloque on Bhakti yoga. Unfortunately, I had two other papers to write for another graduate teaching seminar. Been trying to find a direct e-mail address for you but to no avail. I have some Bhakti lit you may want to read? I think I understand the main idea behind bhakti but I am stuck on how it's different from karma yoga. Guess I'm in a "Karma Coma" for real now? Once again, many thanks for your lectures, insight, musical and yogic passion. I am Jack's good luck...

Rach said…
Tyler, you rock!

Thanks so much for your note. We missed you on Saturday — did lots of good chanting and hit the Gita, the Eight Limbs, the Sutras, and the Hindu deities — but I know what it's like to have that kind of work looming over you. No worries! You can always reach me at rawrach@gmail.com or rachelmeyeryoga@gmail.com. I'd say the main difference between karma and bhakti yoga is the emphasis on acting out of devotion to something sacred/divine. Karma yoga emphasizes action, for sure, but it's less tied to the idea of offering one's intentions/labors of love to the greater good and/or the God of your own understanding. I'd say the centrality of music and kirtan also demarcates the two pretty strongly. We can talk further about that.

Thanks again for your presence and your thoughts. Send any bhakti lit along, for sure! And hope to see you in the studio again soon.

All best,

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