Raw, adjective: 2. not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture

I seriously just cannot get over how cute this family is.

Crushing on the Obamas. For real.

I've felt this way (like many of us, I imagine) since Day One, when the kids emerged on the scene and I realized with head-shaking compassion that they, like Chelsea Clinton, would have to muddle through their awkward middle-school years in the public spotlight. But look at those kids! No awkwardness to be found. Four years in, they're still adorable, and self-possessed, and laughing, and unself-conscious, and at ease.

And look at the way their parents move. Same sense of quiet self-possessed confidence. And some serious prana. I just see picture after picture and think to myself, "Goddamn, these folks did something right." (Not to mention how cute it is, and special, and rare, that Grandma is still very much in the picture, sitting next to Michelle, holding court in the front row.) Most people I know don't even appear this confident and "together" in their own humble not-in-the-spotlight lives, let alone the kind of politician's life lived out on a national canvas. And I know these guys do it for a living, but still — there is an unscripted embodiment, a comfort level, that strikes me, over and over, as remarkable and extraordinary.

Ease. I think it's their ease, and laughter, and sense of camaraderie, that has always impressed me. There aren't enough people who are at ease in their skins the way this family is, together. More, please.



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