Raw, noun: 13. unrefined sugar, oil, etc.

And so begins the biggest bhakti baking project yet.

Armed and dangerous.

After a deep practice this morning at Urban Flow, it's time to move the yoga into the kitchen for the rest of the day.  Rolling up my sleeves and pulling the aprons out of the closet in preparation for baking enough wedding cakes to feed some 80, yep, you heard it right, 80 people.  My girl Anne's wedding is tomorrow in Tiburon, and I'm on pastry flour duty today, hardcore, baby.

Right now we're looking at this for an agenda:
Raspberry Cream Cheese (with Cream Cheese frosting)
Carrot Spice (with a Cream Cheese frosting)
Maple Pecan (with a Maple Buttercream)
Almond Cream Cheese (with Almond Cream Cheese frosting)
Lemon Poppyseed (with a Lemon Buttercream)
Chocolate Raspberry (with a Chocolate Chambord frosting)
Ok, kids.  Could be a late night.  Let's get it on.  Play-by-play to come.

But first, to the grocery and the flower shop...


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