Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.

We're 3 days out from July. What are your intentions? What do you want this brand new month, this one-and-only-July-2012-that-you'll-ever-get, to bring?

Over the last month, I've been working with a posse of remarkable colleagues in a peer coaching-type group, and while it's brand new to me in lots of ways, I'm slowly "getting it." And even though we're just a few meetings in, the coaching process has shown me the power of a) making commitments, b) setting intentions (even if they are tangible and seemingly-small, as in "email so-and-so by so-and-so-deadline"), c) keeping it real (as in, "D'oh, I totally didn't get my shit done this time around"), and d) being compassionately accountable to one another.

So, in the midst of your pre-holiday weekend, take just a few minutes — seriously, like, 5 minutes will do — and scribble out a few intentions or goals for the month. I always like to sit down and write, "This July, I want to:" and then rattle out a long list, everything from simple to-dos like booking flights to huge aspirations, like sending a manuscript or two to agents. There's power in the envisioning; there's power in the saying; there's power in the doing; and the three are intimately connected.

If we are all indeed sculptors and painters, as Thoreau so poetically wrote above, and our material is that of which we are already made, our very flesh and bone itself, then this kind of intention-setting is not some wanky California hippie thing, but is instead just a matter of lending attention and energy to our art — the art that is our lives. This temple, this life, this particular incarnation, only comes around once, and so rather than letting the next month run rampant as you cruise along on numb autopilot just trying to get through, shift the focus; set the tone; make things real.

I'll start.

This July, I want to
  • simplify
  • save money
  • cook more often, and better
  • practice asana deeply every day, whether in class or on my own
  • write every day at least an hour
  • start a book club
  • be up by 7 and in bed by 11 most days
  • celebrate my mister well
  • get lots of space and sky
  • cultivate ease
  • mail overdue gifts
There you go. That was easy enough. (Some of mine didn't go on this blog list — duh. But that gives you an idea.)  Your turn.


Mariah said…
This July I want to...have a baby.

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