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Had lots of questions about Sunday morning's playlist at Flying Yoga.  Some great new jams here.  Hit it, music lovers.
Give Love, MC Yogi
Down To Love, Hot Toddy
Cerulean, Ben Leinbach & Geoffrey Gordon
LifeB, Nicken
Shyam! (prabhu mix), Deva Premal
Live Your Life, Yuna
Crossing Beyond, Desert Dwellers
Two For the Time, DJ Drez
Om Tare Tuttare, Deva Premal
Selecta Move, DJ Drez
Culture of Fear, Thievery Corporation
Tala Odyssey (Quade Remix), Desert Dwellers
Celtic Heart, Todd Boston
Mariachi, Ani DiFranco
Open, Rhye
No One's To Blame, Wolf Larsen
Origin, Quixotic
Elyne Road, Toumani Diabeté
At The River, Ingram Marshall


Alyse said…
This was the most powerful playlist for an incredible class. My body and soul felt like butter after last week - thank you so much!

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