Raw, idiom, 14a: in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state: nature in the raw.

Good morning, strangers!

Long time, I know.

Since I've seen you last, I've hauled myself across the country (well, Virgin America did the hauling, really), wandered into a Jivamukti NYC class on a sunny day overlooking Union Square, hustled up and down a rainy I-95 a few times, reconnected with some long-lost beloveds at Balance Yoga in northeast Pennsylvania, hauled back home to the West Coast with a renewed sense of how very blessed I am to live and teach here, and dived headfirst into the Bhakti Flow teacher training at Urban Flow.

Now here we are on Friday and the end's in sight; just four days to go until these remarkable folks head out into the world newly chanted and wrung out and alive.  And most of y'all are headed to the beach and the barbecue and the backyards for some much-needed time out of the office for the long weekend.

In the meantime, my sweet friend Paula surprised me yesterday with the news that an article of mine is published in a British yoga magazine called OM Yoga & Lifestyle.  Huh?!  News to me.  If you have a copy of this little puppy, let me know, eh?  It sounds like my piece on the geography of prana, also known as "big sky mind," might have made its way in.

Lots of love from this bright, clear May morning in San Francisco.


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