Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.

Oh, baby!

The February SEX issue is out, and that means my sly little ditty on speed-dating, yoga-style has officially hit the newsstands. Pick up your issue of Common Ground and flip on over to page 22 for the lowdown, or head here for the digital edition and click through to page 22 to read it right here, right now.

It's not every day that a writer's byline reads "Rachel Meyer, Secret Agent." Love it.

Here's a little teaser for y'all:

SF Speed Dating
One cold Friday night, I slipped down Polk St. toward a dimly-lit wine bar. My assignment: infiltrate a speed-dating event to research popular mating rituals for this Sex issue of Common Ground. I couldn’t believe my anxiety. Crazy, right? I'm a yoga teacher who spent years in musical theater before turning to the mat. Jumping around in front of strangers is what I do for a living. But I was apprehensive. My face turned bright red a solid hour before I was due at the bar.

I'd spent that hour trying on and taking off outfits like a jittery teenager — this shirt (no, too flashy), those jeans (no, not sexy enough), that scarf (ahh, just right). I pulled a red push-up bra out of the back of my underwear drawer that hadn't seen action since roughly 2001. I slapped on some dark eye makeup, grabbed a stylish clutch, and marched out the door. My heart raced, swimming in vulnerability. The pressure to sell myself that evening had grown unexpectedly stressful. Online dating has never been my style, and I've not really tackled the bar scene since college. And the whole charade wasn't even for real!

But, here in my early 30s, dating has a “checklist” feel. In theology circles, we’d call it teleological, from the Greek word telos, meaning “working toward an end point” — the kind of goal-driven pursuit that wedding magazines rely upon. Who among us hasn’t sat across from a potential suitor and sensed him analyzing her breeding prerequisites: solid bone structure, exemplary health, relative mental stability, good genes. There’s an undercurrent of calculation, a palpable drive for the happiness end point that cultural mythology names as “marriage with children.” The speed-dating arena forces the need to squeeze sex pheremones and first impressions into a five-minute capsule.
....continue reading the full article here, page 22.

Props to Rob and Carrie over at Common Ground for the inspired story idea. I could write a book.


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