Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

Magnolia shared this today, and I love, love, love it:

Is teaching yoga your dharma — can you honestly say yes? Read this quote and ask yourself:
Dharma (your life's work) is not what you do, not what you should do, not even what you want to do, but you were born to do. If you are not clear about your dharma, keep exploring, try different things, look deeper into yourself. You cannot expect your dharma to magically descend upon you one blessed day. Exploring your dharma is your dharma. It is rare process of exploration. It is usually the effort — the attempt, the strife, the very act of looking — that allows a person to make this vital discovery. In searching for a home, we may visit a hundred houses, yet this extravagant effort is not futile, for we often have to see many houses before we can realize that only one of them is our home. Similarly, during the process of discovering your dharma, you may have to explore many options until you eventually develop the strong, unshakeable feeling, “This is what I was born to do”.

(Source unknown)
What were you born to do? Do you know? Have you ever had that "strong, unshakeable feeling"?

If so, my friend: grab that dharma by the balls and go with it. You are lucky, indeed. So many people spend their whole lives searching and never quite find it. Embrace that knowing. It's big.


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