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Last night's playlist veered dangerously toward the hippie flute music genre, but in actuality it ended up being pretty rad. Details below. Crazy about Ben Leinbach's Sangha album, if you couldn't figure that out by looking at this list. Enjoy.


Toura Toura: The Medina Remix, Cheb I
Aureole, Jens Gad Presents
O Rama, Susheela Raman
Peaceful Steps, J Boogie's Dubtronic Science
Swan, Althea W.
On Namo Guru Dev, Fabian Alsultany
Rama Bolo (feat. Jai Uttal), Ben Leinbach
Prana Groove, Stevin McNamara
The Orbiting Suns, Jens Gad Presents
By Your Side/Jaya Gurudev, Ben Leinbach
Staraja Ladoga, Achillea
Nataraj (feat. Mukti), Ben Leinbach
Sharade, Girish
One Hundred Names, The Nields
Almost Blue, Diana Krall


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