Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

Here at Rachel Meyer Yoga, we love the arts. So join us this Saturday night at 111 Minna Gallery for a stylish benefit to support The Anata Project, ok?

Doors at 6. There'll be cocktails, modern dance performances, fabulous people, and a private yoga session (and a Rachel cake) up for silent auction, too.

Wanna know more?
Choreographer/dancer Claudia Anata Hubiak founded The Anata Project in January of 2011. This project is based on the concept of Anata, or “egolessNESS” in Sanskrit. In Tibetan Buddhism, the word Anata is used in reference to the spacious quality of our mind and body, the way we can naturally experience everything that arises in our life without centralizing inwards. This vision serves as the backbone and founding principle of this new dance company.

The goal of The Anata Project is to incorporate mindful action into movement, being fully in the moment, awake and relaxed to enhance the creative process and produce dances and dance films that take a deep look into the genuine and courageous workings of the unguarded mind and heart.
It's a beautiful company, and one dear to my heart for many reasons. Benefit details here, and here. See you Saturday. Wear something sparkly. I know I will.

The Anata Project


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