Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.

Chakra talk doesn't have to be all New Age woo-woo, baby.

Check it: my yogi sister Lisa Munger Yoga is writing a great series on the chakras for MindBodyGreen, and her first in the series, highlighting the Root Chakra, is pretty killer. Excellent down-to-earth tips with a really solid home practice. An opportunity to really get grounded.

It's pretty powerful; as I first read the piece this morning and walked through the photos of Lisa's home practice, asana by asana, I could really feel the slowing-down, the grounding, the rooting, in each posture, even there in my body in that very moment. These asanas are some of my favorites, especially for autumn, when the chill in the air and the dryness in the wind can make everything feel light and flimsy and uncertain. The Sukhasanas and the Vira As and the Parsvottanasanas help that so much.

(You know what else helps? Legwarmers. For real.)

Finding Your Base: Working With the Root Chakra (MindBodyGreen)


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