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You'd asked about some of the weekend's newer tunes. Here are the playlists from Saturday and Sunday's classes. (In particular, if you'd wondered about that spare, melancholy Savasana tune, it's the Sehr Langsam one at the very bottom). Cheers, music lovers.

Saturday (Hanuman-inspired):
Om Namah Shivaya, Girish
Golden Nectar, J Boogie's Dubtronic Science
Ganesha Sharanam, Jai Uttal
Rock On Hanuman (feat. Krishna Das), MC Yogi
Battle, Beats Antique
Hanuman, Wah!
Dope Crunk, Beats Antique
Om Tare Tuttare (The Red Fulka Remix), Deva Premal
Break Me, Beats Antique
Roustabout (Bassnectar Remix), Beats Antique
Seen the Rain, Rocket Empire feat. The Eloi
Bloodline, Matt Morris
Since I Fell For You, Gladys Knight,
Long Time Sun, Girish
Kreisleriana, Opus 16 n.4 —Sehr Langsam, Schumann

Mirage, Moroccan Blonde
In For The Night (Buddha Edit), The Moontrane Conductors
Tabla Toy, Beats Antique
Ramana, Prem Joshua
Dois Polos (featuring Raquel Pinto & Paul Sng), Asad Risvi
Simmer Down Jammie, Rocket Empire
Beauty Beats, Beats Antique
Move Me (Featuring Soliloquoy), Kissey Asplund
Shrine, Beats Antique
Rasta Baby, Gelka
Sharanay, Prem Joshua
(The Only) Dark in the Light, Rithma
Magpie to the Morning, Neko Case
Odin's Hill, Achillea
I Like the Sunrise, Amel Larrieux
Kreisleriana, Opus 16 n.4 — Sehr Langsam, Schumann

(Oh, and that's Nick and Amanda, aka MC Yogi and his wife, above right. Aren't they pretty?)


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