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Excellent new piece on music, yoga and chakra theory from my friend and colleague Lisa Munger. Great practical, thoughtful, relevant stuff. Check it out here:
To the uninitiated, talk of the chakras slaps of a kind of new-agey-ness that was better off left in the 60s with hippies seeking enlightenment via LSD. But you don’t have to imbibe mood-altering drugs to hook into the chakras.

Understanding what each of the seven chakras represent, as well as how we can assess where our strengths are, and where we need to grow can be truly empowering. So while Abraham Maslow had his five levels of development, the hierarchy of needs, Erik Erikson had his eight stages of psycho-social development and Jean Piaget had his four stages in cognitive development, Tantra works through psycho-spiritual development by way of the chakras. The concepts inherent in the chakra system are remarkably similar to Western theories, but allow for a spiritual component as well; the perspective views spiritual development as a requisite part of maturation and moving toward wholeness. So, in reality, it’s not new-agey at all. In fact, it’s a practical way of connecting with what is blocking you and keeping you from wholeness.
Read on for details about each of the 7 energy centers — these spinning wheels that rise up through the sushumna nadi in the center of the body. What's the playlist to your own psychological path up through the chakras? What song might your root chakra wail out?

I love this project. Thanks, Lisa. Get in there.


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