Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

Super grateful to elephantjournal.com for publishing my (yes, f-bomb-laden) piece on why yoga's not a workout.

And thank you, yoga, for teaching me how to be real.

This was one of those pieces that I couldn't have written five years ago, and definitely not ten, but because of the yoga, because of the practice itself, because of the way it teaches us how to unravel, to undo, to peel off the layers of what we are not and just be, quite simply, what we are, I could today.

There's a fair amount of hyperbole and a decent amount of swearing in there, for sure. And some folks have read that as anger: the unacceptable, inelegant, certainly un-yoga-teacherly kind.

But again: the realness. Yoga that's sugar-coated and bliss-soaked and talks of fairies and unicorns and manifesting shakti reascending doesn't do it for me. Yoga that's real, that's grounded, that's honest, that's yes, sometimes full of quite human emotions? Now that's what I'm talking about.

We start from a place of humanity. The practice teaches us how to sit with that, and watch it, and move from it with compassion into stillness, and to take that stillness into the world.

Now THAT I can get behind. Thanks for reading.

Why Yoga's Not a Workout (elephantjournal)


Karen said…
This. Is. Great. We were just talking about this subject last week at my studio! How funny! At least someone else out there is on the same page!!!
mb said…
Love this! Bullseye. Thanks for sharing. Raw and real!
Rach said…
Thanks, friends! So glad you are reading, and that you found something here that you could connect with. Much love.
Anonymous said…
i think that your practice is beautiful.
to me, yoga is a workout. i accomplish the physical which allows me to achieve the mental. it's a physical and mental workout. and it keeps me healthy, like nothing else ever has. i was bulimic for 11 years, and that's mainly what i blog about.
i think that yoga is self interpretive. i'm sure that you agree.
i think it's so ironic that a friend posted a link to this particular blog entry of yours, on the same day that i posted my "jane fonda" inspired yoga session to my blog. :) i dressed as flashdance yoga girl for halloween. i know it will probably bother you to pieces to view my post, but here it is, just in case. :)

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