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Speaking of goddesses...

Today is the final day of the Hindu festival of Navratri. We close by celebrating Saraswati, who by all accounts is one badass chick.

Why, you say? Well, try this on for size:
  1. She's the goddess of literature, knowledge, music, arts, science and technology
  2. She's the symbol of the allure of wisdom, attractive and enticing like a beautiful woman
  3. She is "not adorned heavily with jewels and gold, unlike the goddess Lakshmi, but is dressed modestly — representing her preference of knowledge over worldly material things." Indeed, she "wears neither jewels or paints herself with bright colors. The white sari she adorns reflects her essential purity, her rejection of all that is base and materialistic." (Yup, we'd get along just fine.)
  4. She "represents intelligence, consciousness, cosmic knowledge, creativity, education, enlightenment, music, the arts, eloquence and power."
  5. Her symbolic animal is (ahem) the (pea)cock. Supposedly, this peacock chillin' alongside Saraswati exhibits "arrogance and pride over its beauty," and so, "by having a peacock as her mount, the Goddess teaches not to be concerned with external appearance and to be wise regarding the eternal truth."
  6. She's a scholar and a musician, always pictured seated on a white lotus, holding her book and her lute. "Schools and libraries are her temples; books, pens, all tools of the artist and musical instruments are the items used in puja to this enlightening goddess of wisdom."
Not gonna lie. Kinda wanna be her.


Thais said…
sounds like my type of woman!! =D

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