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I promised you a few tunes. Here's last Sunday's playlist (from our 9/11 meditation of breath and sweat and song — lokah samastah, darlings), followed by last night's from Urban Flow and Flying Yoga. Love.

Sunday, aka Lokah Samastah:
Lokaha, Wah!
In For The Night (Buddha Edit), The Moontrane Conductors
Rosada Flor, J Boogie's Dubtronic Science
Cape Porcupine, Achillea
Le Booty Cinematique, J Boogie's Dubtronic Science
Om Triambakam, Deva Premal
Evaporate feat. Nica Brooke, Rocket Empire
Hot Photon (Ambient Mix), King Kooba
Straight Blue, Rocket Empire feat. Marian Music
You Already Know, Bombay Bicycle Club
(The Only) Dark in the Light, Rithma
Live High, Jason Mraz
Breathe Me, Sia
If You Want Me, Glen Hansard and Marketa Iglova
Firefly, Over the Rhine
Om Sri Matre, Wah!
Diamonds in the Sun, Girish

Let It Be Me, Ray LaMontagne
Hot Photon (Ambient Mix), King Kooba
Yeah That's Right, Rocket Empire
Shrine, Beats Antique
Burr Dubb, Rocket Empire feat. Mina Fedora
Mission, Beats Antique
Arboleda de Manzanitas, Eighty Mile Beach
Vinyasa, DJ Free and Brent Lewis
Peaceful Steps, J Boogie's Dubtronic Science
Launch, Rocket Empire
Seen the Rain, Rocket Empire feat. The Eloi
Fools Work, Inara George
Blue Mind, Alexi Murdoch
The Hill, Marketa Iglova,
Moonlight Sonata, Ludwig Van Beethoven
Etcetera Whatever, Over the Rhine


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