Raw, adjective: 8. brutally harsh or unfair: a raw deal

So much drama all over the place as people freak out about this week's latest economic rollercoaster.

How are you choosing to respond to the whole thing? I so very deliberately say "choosing," because, you know, we really do have a choice. We can run around as though the sky's falling, wigging out, or we can step back, and watch, and witness, and observe, and very rationally, reasonably decide how to respond as stocks plunge and credit ratings nosedive.

It's just money, folks. Seriously. You can't take it with you. This is why my heart will always beat in that melding of mindfulness, yoga, consumerism and contentment. Where does the santosha come in? When does the grasping stop and the aparigraha take over? Do any of us ever truly get to that point where we can step back, look at our lives, and say: "I have enough"?

Mindful.org posted this timely article on mindfulness and money this morning, and it's one of the best examinations of how to apply mindfulness to our "stories" about money that I've ever read. Hop on over and give it a read. I love how Kristi Nelson manages to slip in a few apt metaphors for the body as she digs in to the deep "stuff" of money, consumerism and values.
We may know, intellectually, that security is not “material,” that we are not what we own, and that our lives are not equal to what we earn. But this conditioning goes deep and is reinforced almost everywhere....

Time, energy, and love are forms of currency, as is money. What we do with these precious resources tells the hard truth about who we are and what matters to us. We claim and re-claim ourselves in the allocation of our currencies. Our clear intentions can form a touchstone for our financial freedom, just as the breath moving in and out of our bodies can be the touchstone for mindfulness practice.

Much as our bodies align around the spine, our financial lives need to align with the template of our values. We must consistently explore, define, and check our values.
Take a deep breath. Then give it a read. You'll be fine.

Mind Over Money (Mindful.org)


Well said, Rachel!
Your wisdom refreshes me! :-)

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