Raw, adjective: 2. not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture: raw cotton.

I owe you, among other things:

photos from Wanderlust, class reviews celebrating Kathryn Budig and Rolf Gates and Giselle Mari, Flying Yoga sub and Oakwood master class news for the weekend to come, new writing, new music (Girish!), and the latest from MC Yogi's Bhakti Posse, which (once again) filled my heart and rocked my (sweaty) world this evening at Urban Flow.

They'll come. In time.

It's been a wild week, this, coming back to real life. No sleep. Epic lists. 17 classes. Article deadlines. Trying to breathe.

All good.

So, for now, here are a few pics to tide you over. These shots are mostly stolen from friends (thanks, beauties) because, well, they make me grin, repeatedly, in remembering the sun and the thin air and the yoga.

Stories to come. Happy Friday.

Kate and Suewen, en route to Steph Snyder's early class.

Bhakti dear ones Mike and Amy Nicole. [Please note MC Yogi's band on stage behind us.]

The Sacred Sound Society at left, MC Yogi at right. Fabulous. Band crushes all around.

Two of my favorite fellow teachers: Cara and Estee, dear in too many ways to count.

Kate, Bob and Suewen. The creme de la creme. You won't meet better, kinder, more generous people. Period. (I dunno about the random lady behind them, though.)

John Friend's backbend masterclass. Intense. Blisteringly sunny. Great. (Do you see me hanging out in back there? Where's Waldo?)

Janet Stone's five elements class. The mellow finish to a long first day. (If you're sharp, you can find me in this one, too.)

Post-sushi, pre-Girl Talk mash-up under the stars. Love my girls. So much.

Jamming at Girl Talk. Ears rang for hours afterward. Worth it.

(Oh, and that one up above, top left? The inimitable Stacy. Another dear fellow teacher-sister-friend.)


AutumnF said…
How I LOVE to see all those familiar smiling faces of the people I adore!
Next year, I'll be on that mountain, yoga mat, dance floor with all of you!
Marilyn dyer said…
so much fun looking at all the pictures from that heavenly mountain top, brilliant smiles. thank you for sharing!!

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