Raw, idiom, 14a: in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state: nature in the raw.

I'll be practicing my Ujjayi breath on a tiny seaplane to Orcas Island today. (You know it's a puddle-jumper when the reservationist asks you how much you weigh. Oy.)

Dear old friend Fitzy and his beautiful bride Ingen are getting married tomorrow, and we'll be yoga-ing on the Point Lawn in the morning before the ceremony tomorrow eve. Looking forward to a few quick days of catching up with old Delaware music friends in Pacific Standard Time, knocking out some long-delayed writing, having limited cell phone service (yesss!), and breathing in the big Northern sky and the hum of the ocean outside my window.

Please visit the fantastic Alicia Maness for my regular weekend classes at Flying Yoga and Glow Yoga & Wellness. Back on the mat Monday at noon!


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