Raw, noun: 13. unrefined sugar, oil, etc.

Bhakti baking is in the house.

Witness at left: Fudge coconut cream bundt, with coconut cream frosting. Gluten-free, vegan, soy-free. Heart-shaped for the bhakti; topped with delphinium and hydrangrea for the pretty.

The teacher training beauties over at Urban Flow finished out their 10-day intensive yesterday, and though the weekend was thrumming with teaching, martini-shaking, and a most delicious theater date with the otherworldly-charismatic Hugh Jackman Saturday night, I had a perfectly cake-shaped few hours that afternoon, from which sprung this little guy.

You can find the recipe -- once again -- as a variation of that stalwart original chocolate vegan bundt from my yoga of baking article. I tell you: that recipe has proven itself to be such a trooper. Switch a few things up, replace the almond with coconut extract and the Chambord with real coconut milk, substitute the soy in the frosting for coconut milk instead, and voila! Yet another dishy variation, suited for the kinds of yogis who strive to eat mindfully (often sans gluten, dairy or soy).

Glad to hear it disappeared quickly. Love and wild blessings to this newest batch of freshly-minted yoga teachers. This marks the fourth Bhakti Flow bundt to have celebrated the close of a teacher training. It's a happy little tradition that just might stick.


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